I think by now the world has acknowledged and accepted the significance of home solar energy (solar energy is collected by a tool, solar panels, that is just one step in the conversion to useable electricity in your home. A large number homes and commercial buildings are coming forward to support solar panel installation on their roof tops. Most are put on the roof of buildings since the panels get the best exposure to sunlight and they are mostly hidden to not interfere with the beauty of your home.

But have you ever heard of solar windows? These are solar panels installed in the windows of your home to accumulate sun’s energy, just like the rooftop versions, but with some advantages. Solar windows are easy to install as an add on to your existing windows (like solar films) or as brand new whole window units.

The add on film versions can be installed by a homeowner with a moderate degree of ease. If you don’t feel up to the task, a window installation contractor or even some professional window cleaning companies can do it after they clean your windows.

List of Advantages of Installing Solar Windows for Homeowners

The homeowners who install solar windows can reap the following benefits:

  1. The solar windows work to reduce the overall energy cost. When the electricity bill is less automatically a good amount of money is saved.
  2. There is a high demand for homes with solar windows. Homes with solar panels installed sell 16-18 % more and at much higher prices. This is a great advantage for the homeowners.
  3. Homes having solar panels sell very quickly, about 20% quicker than the regular house without solar panels.
  4. The overall operation expenses and cost are less for homeowners who have solar widows over solar roof-tops
  5. Around 90% of buyers in the market seek houses that have energy efficient aspects.

Types of Solar Windows

The solar windows are accessible as two distinct parts. There are some manufacturers that place transparent solar panels cells into two glass layers and some who build independent solar windows. These solar cells can be seen through the naked eyes. Yet, people tend to skip these cells when glancing through the window.

Other independent window units are made from photovoltaic glass. In this case, there are few unseen wires which do the job. They gather all the energy from the glass and pass it on to the grid of energy. A very slim coat of the photovoltaic is applied with the thin-film technology on a conductive glass layer to make these panels function.

To enhance the prevailing windows, the homeowners can conveniently affix a photovoltaic film on the glass’s inner surface. This particular film is prepared using organic stuff such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon.

Solar panels Costs and Purchase

The cost of solar powered windows vary, but one company Solar Window Technologies, claims that their solar windows will achieve a payback for the cost in one year, and if true that’s huge vs the payback of buying a rooftop solar system for your home. If you browse through websites you’ll probably find some cheaper versions, but we would recommend to stay with best in class product versions. Look for multiple window discount packages too.

Frankly, solar windows are not cheap, so many companies offer attractive finance options. But, you will in fact save money in the long run with the reduced amount in your electricity bills.

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