solar windows

I think by now the world has acknowledged and accepted the significance of home solar energy (solar energy is collected by a tool, solar panels, that is just one step in the conversion to useable electricity in your home. A large number homes and commercial buildings are coming forward to support solar panel installation on their roof tops. Most are put on the roof of buildings since the panels get the best exposure to sunlight and they are mostly hidden to not interfere with the beauty of your home.

But have you ever heard of solar windows? These are solar panels installed in the windows of your home to accumulate sun’s energy, just like the rooftop versions, but with some advantages. Solar windows are easy to install as an add on to your existing windows (like solar films) or as brand new whole window units.

The add on film versions can be installed by a homeowner with a moderate degree of ease. If you don’t feel up to the task, a window installation contractor or even some professional window cleaning companies can do it after they clean your windows.

List of Advantages of Installing Solar Windows for Homeowners

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